Bishop Barron on the Devil

St. Michael and St. Paul spoke of the devil as an adversary in life. Current culture clearly rejects the devil's existence, but perhaps at our peril. Whether you look at the devil as a symbol of evil or actual participant in our lives, he is well worth examination.

Roy Shoeman a Jewish Catholic

Prof. Shoeman connects how the old testament prefigures the new and convincingly describes the importance of Jews as God's (still) chosen people as they convert to Christians in end times.

A brilliant speaker.

Jordan Peterson: Why I am not Catholic

Bishop Robert Barron - while admiring much of what Peterson says - cautions that he appears "gnostic". That is, in a religious context, gnosis is mystical or esoteric knowledge based on direct participation with the divine. In most gnostic systems, the sufficient cause of salvation is personal "knowledge of" ("acquaintance with") the divine (Wickipedia). 

Worthy of discussion.

The Death Penalty

 This interview is with Dr. Edward Feser and is based on his co-authored book  

 By Man Shall His Blood be Shed: A Catholic Defense of Capital Punishment