Parish Mission


Continuing the Mission of Jesus Christ


• Continue the saving mission of Jesus Christ within and outside the church: proclaiming the Word of God; celebrating the sacraments and being in communion with one another as disciples of the Lord

• Unite members and visitors as part of the mystical body of Christ and provide the means to encounter, love and serve God and to be with Him forever in heaven 

• Help us to sanctify our daily lives 

The Parish Values:


• God's divine mercy 

• Nourishing orthodoxy with the teachings of the pope and bishops, scripture and liturgy 

• Communion and unity as Catholics within  one large community of sincerely shared faith 

• Ensuring our parish offers one sure means to behold what is true 

• Seeking the highest quality of service to God through beauty and excellence 

The Parish Offers:


• To serve the spiritual needs of our diverse members and visitors 

• To form disciples who joyfully commit to Christ's mission

• Staff/volunteers, physical working space, and funds to serve God, learn and grow 

• Ready access to the sacraments including confession 

• Talks and seminars about our faith 

The Parish Aspires:


• Making a clear proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by the witness of our prayer and community life 

• Growing in faith and in fraternal concern for each other and the poor 

• Fostering Catholic culture and tradition 

• Being readily available when the faithful need support 

About Our Future:


Comment: The Canadian political establishment has adopted a socially progressive, even permissive, agenda which runs contrary to Natural Law as found in the Ten Commandments. There is a concern that when tolerance becomes the supreme "virtue"; the ability to hold and to proclaim the requirements of Natural Law becomes increasingly difficult. 

• We should hesitate with our predictions, knowing nothing is for sure (Cardinal Ratzinger) .

• We understand that living a Christian life may cause us to appear countercultural and even to become socially marginalized .

• We need to emphasize the importance of teachings of the pope and bishops, the liturgy and the sacraments.

• We seek to make our Parish a prophetic voice in the heart of our community - announcing with clarity and charity the teachings of Gospel values. 

• We are in a post-Christian era and are called to re-evangelize society by proclaiming essential values and institutions such as marriage and family. 

• The more we know (technologically, scientifically, etc) the more we need to know and trust God. 

• The past, present, and future are God's making. He enables us to exist within them.

• We need to be a shining light of truth, directing all questions to the only truth, Jesus Christ. 

Purpose of Armour of God


Building confidence in Catholic guidance to answer political and cultural issues.